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EDITORIAL DIRECTOR, 2016-2019; Current Freelance Contributor

Robb Vices aims to bridge the gap between editorial and luxury products in a totally new way.

Born out of Robb Report magazine, it now has more than 6,000 members.


Robb Vices sends a custom box built around a theme to the members every month, full of incredible, luxury products. Membership begins at roughly $90/month but each box exceeds $150, sometimes reaching as high as $300 in value. The boxes have featured the latest in Bluetooth technology––speakers, headphones and modern turntables––to Italian, titanium sunglasses to Breville’s coolest culinary gadgets. From extremely rare, Clasé Azul tequila to artisan chocolates created by Chef Thomas Keller to next-day, Wagyu steaks delivered by New York Prime Beef––Robb Vices is the world’s top-tier monthly subscription.

I was the Editorial Director for three years and just over 36 issues, responsible for writing the 50-page, monthly print magazine included in every box. The pages are dedicated to highlighting the people, places and stories behind each individual product.

I was also in charge of the social media platforms, the online magazine, a bi-weekly newsletter, and the majority of in-house photography.

Above, you can click on the magazine covers to read full issues.

If you have an editorial/marketing project and need similar services––I am available and interested in speaking.

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